1. France owned the Louisiana Territory in 1699.
  2. The Louisiana Territory was given to Spain in 1763 as a result of the Seven Years' War with England. 
  3. In 1802, France swapped the Louisiana Territory with Spain for parts of Italy.
  4. Robert Livingston and James Monroe signed papers for the Americans to buy the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte on May 2, 1803.
  5. On October 20, 1803 the Senate voted to buy the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon. The area doubled the size of the United States. It sold for fifteen million dollars or sixty million francs at about four cents per acre.
  6. The Spanish, who had never given up physical possession of the Louisiana to the French, did so in a ceremony at New Orleans on November 30, 1803.
  7. In a second ceremony on December 20, 1803 at 11:00 am, the French turned Louisiana over to the United States in front of the old cabildo in New Orleans and the Louisiana Purchase was made.
  8. The state of Louisiana was the first of the thirteen states to be carved from the Louisiana Purchase Territory from the Louisiana Territory and was admitted into the Union in 1812.


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